Tuesday, October 13, 2009

relationships with food.

I have a question for all of you lovelies.

There are some diets and eating plans that allow the dieter to eat whatever she chooses for 1 day per week. I've always thought that sounded nice (and definitely appealing), but I feel like if I let myself go for one day, I would have a hard time getting back on schedule. And there is a risk of bingeing on this coveted reward day. Plus, as we all know, ladies, rewards in calories are punishments in thighs! So is that really a "reward" at all? How can I consider calories rewards?! That is one thing I have come to discover about myself; I always work well with rewards for my behavior, and I believe I began to associate food as a type of reward. Oh boy. Deadly. Lots of times I wish I could try some kind of hypnosis therapy or something because it feels like I have this deep, psychological obsession with eating and with food. When I'm not restricting, most of the time I feel powerless to food, and wish so badly I could break my deep connection and reliance on eating. Perhaps if I didn't have such a complicated and dangerous relationship with food, I wouldn't struggle with eating, restricting, etc. If I could just turn off my emotional/behavioral/psychological reliance on eating, I could lose weight much easier without having to fight my body. I could be in a healthy control in life instead of an extreme kind of control. Do any of you also feel your relationship with food is fucked? I envy those who don't obsess about eating, whether it be too much or too little.

Wow, what a tangent from my original question. Okay, back to that. Regardless of the lack of control one might face with a day off from the diet, the other problem is that the precious day-off will not help the sacred weight loss. But I don't know, do you think one day of calories vs. restricted calories really would affect our journey to thin? Might it be good to eat a little more than normal one day a week to up the metabolism and keep it burning at a strong pace?


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  1. I don't think this is a good idea. At least it wouldn't be for me. As an all or nothing girl, once I start eating things just go down hill so I find it better to just not start at all. And what on earth would be the benefit of allowing yourself an entire DAY? If you are going to binge do your very level best to keep it to a single meal at most. One binge meal is a lot better then a whole day of eating IMHO.

    Stay focused on how good you will feel and the cute clothes you will wear once you've lost the weight.

    Just my two cents. Stay strong!