Thursday, October 15, 2009

10.15 daily totals.

Had a rough night last night. I have been taking Ambien for sleep the past week or so (LOVE it, by the way - right before you fall asleep you get high out of your mind and drift off into dreamland), but decided to try sleeping without it last night. When 5am rolled around and I still hadn't gotten a wink of sleep, I figured I should stop trying to fight the impending all-nighter and just realize that I was not going to get any sleep before my 9am class. I got up, cleaned my room, and of course, since I was still awake, my tummy wanted some attention. But I am pleased because I very much kept it under control. I listened to my body and gave it what it needed, nothing more. I had 5 slices of dried mango, which only came to 110 calories, and a rice cake at 70 calories. I am really thrilled I was able to be conscious while I was eating and pay attention to every bite (and enjoy it too!). After a small amount of solid calories the day before, and needing some sustenance at 5am, I think I did pretty well at 180 calories. The tossing and turning probably burned it all off anyway :).

As the sun rose and kissed the sky with an electric pink light, I drifted off to sleep. I figured this would be like a "nap" before my two-hour 9am class, and then my 11am class following right after. But by the time the alarm went off... I think you know where this story is going.

So I skipped the two morning classes, and woke up just in time to realize that I couldn't even make it to my third class of the day because of an intense migraine (thanks Aunt Flow!). So fuck. I missed all of my classes today. Is it bad that I don't really care?

Calories today have continued to be good. I keep thinking I should go eat something, but I am not hungry, so I am staying awayyyy from the kitchen. Here's what I've had so far (post my 5am snack-time):

6 almonds : 42 calories
brown rice cake : 70 calories
1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter : 100 calories
1/2 tablespoon of jam : ? I'm too lazy to figure it out

So in total today including the early morning chomping:

5 slices of dried mango : 110 calories
brown rice cake : 70 calories
6 almonds : 42 calories
brown rice cake : 70 calories
1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter : 50 calories
1/2 tablespoon of jam : (I'll figure it out and fill it in later)
total : 342 calories

Might have an apple a little later, we'll see. Hope you all had successful days today.

Thin thoughts,

P.S. Some of you have mentioned the show Supersize vs. Super Skinny, and I checked some clips out on YouTube. So good! Gross, but so good. Any of you know where I can watch full episodes online?


  1. Control is the goal, and you have it nailed, sister! :)
    I'm so sorry you couldn't sleep - I have some vicodin from when I had surgery about two months ago, and I use that occasionally, haha. I know it's not good for you, but sleep is better for you, right?

    And classes - good god, I am required to go to all of them, but I am still skipping tomorrow to go home. I hate school so much. I know how you feel.

    You're kicking ass you know. I am so excited for you!!!

  2. I take trazodone to help with sleep. My doc prescribed it when I got the phentermine because the phen gives me crazy insomnia. I'd take Ambien if I could get my hands on it so it is probably good that I can't. :)

    And you are really doing great by the way! Keep dropping those cals and you'll keeping dropping those pounds.

    Hang in there!