Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10.13 daily totals & more.

mocha frappuccino : 256 calories
kashi bar : 140 calories
kashi bar : 140 calories
low-fat yogurt : 160 calories
t o t a l : 696 calories

Ugh, doesn't feel like I'm eating a lot, but I'm disappointed in my numbers. Oh wait, DUHHH it's those dreadful frappuccino things. NO MORE! I'm off to the land of dreams, my favorite place in the world, Whole Foods tomorrow to stock up on some ana-food beauties. Wow. Is it sick that it feels good to call myself ana? So no more frappuccino crappers, I can get back to drinking my one true love: a pretty lady named Kombucha.

My love for Kombucha runs deep. I discovered her tall, glassy frame in May, and have virtually enjoyed one and sometimes two a day ever since. But I will save a Kombucha post for another time.

I'll also be picking up some:
  • brown rice cakes
  • low-fat yogurt
  • more kashi bars
  • fruit!
  • vegetables
  • oats
  • nuts / seeds
  • maybe try some healthy choice & lean cuisine meals? have you all tried these? i've never had the instant microwave meals before, but they seem like a possible option... let me know if you've tried them and what you think
  • orange juice (it is my one guilty pleasure during restrictions - i'm addicted to the oj)
Looking forward to posting some of my coveted thinspirations soon. I'm a little embarrassed that I keep posting so much (it is, after all, only my 2nd day here!), but I hope you don't mind. Furthermore, I hope the few followers I have enjoy what I'm writing! I have tons more posts I am dying to do, but I figure I should pace myself and keep a little mystery... :) Perhaps I have transferred my bingeing habits over to the blogs! I just can't get enough, never satisfied, more, more, more! Thank god you all are zippo calories and I don't have to shove my fingers down my throat afterwards!

You'll be hearing from me (probably too) soon,

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  1. You have the most awesome food choices. I wish I could make healthier choices like that. And Fraps are the absolute WORSTE for me. Freaken take me to Starbucks and give me a tall mocha lite and I'm done! Ack!

    The Lean Cuisine microwavable pizzas are good. I recommend the Margherita (300 cal.). Btw, what is a Kombucha?